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Short Story Alert!
Short stories are fun to write! Many of my short stories are inspired by writing prompts. My first to be published online is a paranormal romance, Courage of the Heart. Here's a teaser:
        Calvin's grandmother had always told him that his ability to foretell the future was a "gift from the heart" passed            on to him from her side of the family. But on one fateful morning, the vision he saw threatened to kill his heart if          not the rest of his body. 

     Want to read some more? Here's a two shorts I presented virtually as part of the 2021 Southwest Florida              Reading Festival:
               "Dead On" - What does a paid assassin do when a job conflicts with his own moral code?

               The Long, Happy Death of Ian MacTavish" - The story of a billionaire oilman whose will offers his                           lazy, money-grubbing family one last chance for redemption -- or does it?                

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