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Blog Posts10/13/2023  "Unforgettable Tales of Amnesia: Part 1 - Memory Loss in All Its Frightening and Fascinating Forms" - Writers Who Kill

11/11/2023   "Unforgettable Tales of Amnesia: Part 2 - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" - Writers Who Kill

11/20/2023  "Unforgettable Tales of Amnesia: Part 3 -Have You Lost Your Mind?" - Guest Blog Post: The Book Diva's Reads

11/26/2023  "Unforgettable Tales of Amnesia: Part 4 - The Appeal of Memory Loss in Our Stories (And Our Lives)" - Guest Blog Post: The Mystery of Writing (Elena Hartwell)

12/04/2023  "Psychological Thrillers: What You Don’t About the Genre May Keep You from Reading a Great Book!" - Guest Blog Post: It's Not Always A Mystery (Debra Goldstein)

12/15/2023  "A Day in the Life of a Woman Without A Past" - Guest Blog Post - dru's book musings (dru ann love)

12/15/2003  "Have You Lost Your Mind? Why Amnesia Stories Draw Us In " - Guest Blog Post - Jungle Red Writers

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