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2024 IBPA Ben Franklin Award for


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Lest She Forget is a psychological thriller, a story that digs deep into one woman’s struggle to break free from the chains that bind her to a dark forgotten past, find redemption, and live life in the light on her own terms.

Lest She Forget earned finalist honors in five unpublished manuscript contests (under it's original title, Lost & Found), including the Chanticleer International Book Contest for Thrillers (Clue Award) and the Whodunit Mystery Writing Contest. 

Here's a teaser:


After surviving a watery car crash, Kay Smith wakes in a long-term care facility with amnesia, a battered face, and no one to vouch for her identity. Horrific flashbacks and murderous nightmares leave Kay terrified of the forgotten tragedy that forced her subconscious self to lock away her memories. During her search for answers, her nightmares become reality, forcing Kay to thwart an attack by a deadly stalker and run for her life.


As her memory and identity emerge, Kay is plagued by haunting memories and guilty suspicions about her role in a murderous conspiracy. When the trail of bodies piles up in her wake, Kay is forced to come out of the shadows to confront those she suspects of murder. But as she races to stop to the bloodshed, Kay learns everyone has deadly secrets to hide—even her—forcing her to choose between living a horrific lie or defending the truth with her life.  

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